MAR 2014 by Alison

Buy me, buy me!

So, I am pleased to say, a lovely shop local to me in Launceston is stocking my jewellery! If you're in town stop in to "Just OFf The Square" as owner Scott has loads of lovely quirk homewares, arty cards and funny little gifts. Really individual stuff and I love it...!

JAN 2014 by Alison

Etsy shop now open!

Well, I've been nagged and nagged by two or three people now (you know who you are!) and I have bowed to pressure. I've checked out Etsy and opened a shop. It's very simple to do, which can only be a good thing for a luddite such as I, and everything is fixed price (as opposed to eBay auctions). Although, I am registered on Etsy UK, but my fees to list are in dollars and cents... Bleurgh! Ah well, it's all about reaching an audience, so the more presence I have online, the better, right?

JAN 2014by Alison

New range on eBay!


So I found some really cheeky miniatures, and they made me think... Which was the inspiration for a new range of kink-themed jewellery! Some of it is fun and cheeky, and some is quite subtle but symbolic. I like to think it'll get worn at parties/get-togethers and become a talking point in the kink community.. Let's hope it goes down (!) well.

JAN 2014 by Alison

Badges Badges Badges... Jigsaw Jigsaw!

Jigsaw pins

Fab xmas gift from a fellow jewellery nut - a book about button badges. I never really realised how such a small item can be a showcase for good design - as well as a publicity vehicle, a political statement, a badge of loyalty... Cute pictures or pithy slogans, there's a button for everyone, and it makes me want a badge-maker very badly! In the meantime I'm experimenting with hand painting some jigsaw pieces - they make quite dinky little pins.