chainsaw detail

Flea An' Vixen is basically a way for me to create jewellery that I would like to wear! I like shopping for jewellery - it's "guilt-free" when you don't have to fret over sizes! I find that when I want something quirky or different, the high street doesn't do it for me, so I started off making my own. It grew from using guitar picks for bracelets and necklaces, and now I use all kinds of materials.

I love to experiment with new materials and techniques. I've used all sorts of things; I might spy a crazily-coloured plastic bottle and decide to use it in a project just because I like the colour. I've used toy soldiers, beach glass, doll's house furniture, tiny toys, old and broken jewellery... If it amuses me in some way, it's in. Flea An' V was a distraction when I was ill, and because of that, my jewellery makes me smile - I hope it makes you smile too.


Alison x

What I like

Some of my favourite bits!

  • The tray of chips necklace - looooove these dinky chips!
  • Black and red kilt pin - I kept one on my work blazer lapel.
  • Huge sparkly pick earrings - saw similar in a Beyonce vid (yes, really) and had to make some for the bling factor!
  • Chainsaw chain necklace
  • Jigsaw pins - one on my bag says "sod fashion"

Ebay Feedback

Lovely seller and fabulous item !!

Excellent all around.

Brilliant item.

AMAZING item really love it thanks so much!

fab bracelet .. will buy off you again!! Cheers!